Our office

  • The primary goal of our office is to provide qualitative and professional services with reliability, integrity and honesty. The relation with the customers is very important but mainly should be reliable and for this reason all the sensitive topics are faced through a confidentiality agreement

  • Our long professional experience in managing business issues in a highly demanding and competitive environment, allows us to identify and offer the best solution according to your needs and your business goals. Our experts deriving from different disciplines and specialties are ready to form a team to meet your special needs effectively and in a short period of time regardless of the size of your business.

  • Providing all financial services you only have to select the type of service, the organization and the standards of the work that you need.

Ask for our intermediation for any financial matter concerns you.

We can support you in Accounting and Fiscal matters as well as in the settlement of disagreements between partners, Employer and Employee or with the Greek state. We will address you to the best potential solution according to the current legislation.