Financial Management & Accounting Services

Organization and supervision of Accounting

  • The impact of Accounting and generally of the Finance Department in the development and smooth operation of enterprises is crucial. Their proper function allows management to focus on the development prospects of the company. We undertake to propose the best solution in conjunction with the needs of the business without specifically engaging someone from your staff to this activity

Tax compliance

  • Tax planning. Tax consultancy according to the sector and the object in which each company operates

  • Preparation of all the tax declarations (income, VAT, Withholding etc.)

  • Management of tax audits that may arise.

Preparation of feasibility studies for

  • business plans

  • business or sector sustainability

  • Restructuring Plans

  • Business area sale or detach

Preparation of financial reports (Reporting)

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or whenever there is a need for information.

  • Based on the Greek New accounting standards or in accordance with the International Accounting Standards.

Definition and implementation of corporate rules and procedures

  • Procedures must be internally defined in order to reduce possibilities of fraud and to ensure also that the company operates under the business plan approved by the administration.

  • After the definition of the necessary corporate rules and procedures we take care the follow up of their implementation

Risk management

  • Entrepreneurship involves risk.

  • A prudent businessman must take all reasonable precautions in order to be able to manage, transfer or to minimized the planned or the upcoming risks.

Financial Services

  • The best use of the working capital is a prerequisite for a better management of the liabilities and a successful cash flow planning.

  • Investigation of existing financial instruments in order to ensure the necessary liquidity.

Annual budget and follow up

  • Definition of short- and medium-term objectives is a key success factor for the business.

  • Drawing up a budget in conjunction with a properly structured business plan is the first and necessary step in order to have access to the bank lending.

Legal assistance

  • Preparation of Minutes & Board Reports

  • Amendments to the statutes.

  • Cooperation with legal consultants according to your own needs.

Employer Issues

Current Rapid developments in labor sector requires not only expertise but also reliable partners. We undertake:

  • Accounting staff. Selection & Evaluation

  • The employer compliance with all the obligations under Greek law & regulations

  • Payroll services with the calculation of the payroll

New establishment of foreign companies Subsidiaries or branches

  • We undertake the completion of all necessary procedures for the creation and installation of a new company in Greece

  • We undertake all accounting - tax - legal obligations of the newly established company providing the requested "Reporting" to the desired "Format".

  • Secretarial support if necessary for the completion of the first administrative and managerial issues

  • Registered office services and tax representative services

Ask for our intermediation for any financial matter concerns you.

We can support you in Accounting and Fiscal matters as well as in the settlement of disagreements between partners, Employer and Employee or with the Greek state. We will address you to the best potential solution according to the current legislation.