Services in Business Organization

Business Restructuring & Reorganization

  • The goal is to get a significant improvement of company’ s profitability index so that the company is able to continue its operation and the settlement of its obligations through regulations compatible with its business planning. To this end we prepare a complete and detailed business plan
  • Through the restructuring we focus on products & services with high gross profit margin so that the business is able to return to autonomous functional path as soon as possible. In order to achieve this target intervention will be implemented in all the departments of the business.

Auditing services & Sample Controls

  • Adapted to the accounting principles and the applicable Tax, Labor and Commercial Law. Our Auditing Standards ensure the business and provide a timely information on the potential risks.

  • Sample controls on, Cash and expense records, movements and reconciliations of Customers and Suppliers and controls on other Debtors - Creditors. Finally, we control all accounts related to tax and social contributions, Payroll, Depreciations, the Banks reconciliation and the warehouse.

Controls of compliance on business processes

  • Business processes are an integral part of a successful management. They must be approved by the management in order to achieve the corporate objective while they are compatible with the accepted accounting principles.

  • Investigating fraud controls and proposals in order to restrict this risk.

Feasibility Studies

  • The business environment is changing very rapidly. Our people have the expertise and experience so that they can undertake and complete counseling programs in a wide range of areas such as Corporate Value Assessment and Feasibility Studies - Sustainability and mergers.

  • cost analysis, which is necessary especially in fragmented activities.

Ask for our intermediation for any financial matter concerns you.

We can support you in Accounting and Fiscal matters as well as in the settlement of disagreements between partners, Employer and Employee or with the Greek state. We will address you to the best potential solution according to the current legislation.