Restructuring Debt Obligations

Restructuring Debt Obligations

With the Article 10 of Law no. 4374/16 which has been approved on 01.04.2016, Has been given a small extension (ended on 31/3/2016) for the possibility of easing the debts of viable small businesses that meet the requirements of Article 61 of the law 4307/2014. More specifically The text of the law

'' Article 10. Regulations on overdue loans - Amendment provision of the l. 4307/2014 (A '246)

In section c of par. 2 of article 60 of Part IV of Law. 4307/2014 (A'246) the words "no later than March 31, 2016" is replaced by "no later than May 3, 2016 ''.

You can look at the section with our services also in relation to the law 4307/2014. It is possible to restructure Debt Obligations – if it allows the restoration of the sustainability – for active Small Business and Professionals with turnover up to € 2,5 million.

The current institutional framework allows adjustment and / or removal part of the debt to the Bank for an amount up to EUR 500,000.

Because yesterday proved better than today we suggest not to wait for the new law on non-performing loans.

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